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Clients and Testimonials

It was like Rowdy had been working with our team for years, yet he had only been in the room a few minutes. I have never seen someone connect with and understand an audience so quickly

Tony O’Connell, GM- Volvo

Highly engaging, interactive, fun and informative…for anyone owning a business, working as a Leader or managing a team this session is essential.

Executive, Qantas

What a feeling!!!! Fabulous to hear an Australian expert that can inspire people to act, with such vigour and authenticity

Manager, Macquarie Bank

Rowdy made a huge impact on our North American Sales Meeting. Everyone loved how it wasn’t a rah rah type talk but a presentation full of practical tools and advice for Playing a Bigger game. Just what we needed!

Sharelynn Moore, Itron

Playing a bigger game with Rowdy was amazing. The day was interactive, professional and inspirational. Our sales team is refocused and ready to be awesome. We will definitely do it again

Head of Sales Australasia Hoyts Corp.,

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About Rowdy

Rowdy has spoken to over 250,000 people across the globe in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia,
New Zealand.

He helps his clients Play a Bigger Game in Business, Leadership and Life by creating the shift from comfortable to committed and successful to significant so they achieve remarkable results.

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Why clients book Rowdy

  • Successful Entrepreneur

    Rowdy has a fantastic business background. He retired from the communications company he built at 34 and has since created 5 more companies

  • Authentic, Pragmatic and Real

    Audiences describe Rowdy as inspiring, authentic, engaging, easy to listen and easy to understand. A master storyteller that people can relate to easily.

  • CEO and Authentic Leader

    Rowdy led the turnaround of one of Australia’s largest hospitality companies. He has worked with the leaders of some of the worlds top companies.

  • Play a Bigger Game

    People often say “you cannot be in Rowdy’s presence and not want to play Bigger”. He has an inspiring natural enthusiasm for business, leadership and life that rubs off on you.

  • Adventurer – success outside of business

    Rowdy has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kayaked in Antarctica, run marathons, walked the Great Wall in China and sat with Maasai on the Serengeti

  • Makes the complex simple

    Rowdy’s has a unique knack of making the complexity of Leadership, Business and Life easy to navigate.

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